bringing athletes’ training methods to the general public

At in2fitness health club, our goal is to help all our members and clients achieve what they never thought they were capable of.

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Sanda Classes Starting Next Week

Classes will run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm and will be taken by Australian champion Yaser Zomorodi.



New members who sign up for a yearly membership at in2fitness will receive 10 FREE personal training sessions with one of our expert trainers.


Victorian Wrestling Championships

This Sunday 8/11/2015, the state wrestling championships will be held at In2Fitness Health Club - 450 Princes Hwy, Noble Park.



10 free personal training sessions! Call us on 9790 1947 for more information.

At in2fitness health club, our goal is to help all our members and clients achieve what they never thought they were capable of. Whether you are a member of the general public looking to improve your fitness, strength or life style, a parent who wants to make a change to their child’s unhealthy habits, an athlete preparing for an upcoming competition, we can help you achieve your goals. Our health club offers a wide variety of state of the art facilities and services to help everyone be the best that they can be.


Why should you choose In2Fitness health club as your home for training? We at In2Fitness believe in making every effort to help you improve yourself. Our facilities and trainers are unique in that we do not merely provide a one-dimensional experience for our members. Rather we provide an all-round health club that gives you everything you need to be successful, from nutrition, expert coaching, world class facilities and the highest quality in supplements and training apparel. Other facilities focus merely on making you "appear fit" while ignoring functional training that provides you with new skills and tools to help you in all areas of life. Our expert trainers and coaches are highly trained in working with all levels; from beginners who have never touched a weight, to top level athletes and everything in between. The vast experience they possess has allowed them and us to work as a team to develop an environment in which all feel welcome and help to build each other up; there are no egos here.


As a new member at In2Fitness you will be provided with an experience unmatched by any other health club. The first aspect of this is a complimentary assessment by our expert trainers to determine your current fitness levels and goals. Secondly, we offer a free one-on-one training session and extensive training plan for you to follow, with additional free training sessions every six weeks to continue guiding you to reach your goals and stay motivated. Our nutrition experts are also available to provide informed guidance on how to maintain the perfect eating plan for your fitness goals.